Can Ferrets Eat Shrimp? (Read This First!)

Can Ferrets Eat Shrimp

Ferrets can have shrimp in small quantities. They are rich in protein, fats, and other essential nutrients a ferret needs for a healthy life. 

However, like any treat, shrimp should be given as a treat only, and it shouldn’t consider as a substitute for their meal.

Too much shrimp can cause various health issues, including upset stomach, diarrhea, or unnecessary weight gain.

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Can Ferrets Eat Shrimp?

Ferrets can eat shrimps that too with pleasure. They are a rich source of protein and low in fat but contain vitamins and minerals.

However, like any fish, shrimp should be given in small quantities.

This is because; fish is not a part of their regular diet, so too much fish can cause upset stomach or diarrhea.

Also, overfeeding shrimp could lead to weight gain, leading to obesity and other related health issues.

Therefore, shrimps can be a great addition to your ferret’s diet along with their regular food.

Is Shrimp Safe For Ferrets?

Shrimp is safe for ferrets.

Unlike other sea fish, shrimp is relatively low on mercury.

However, the safety largely depends on how much they have been eaten. A small bite of shrimp won’t likely harm your ferret, but more than that can cause several health problems.

Is Shrimp Safe For Ferrets

Apart from that, shrimps contain a high amount of sodium (111mg per 110g) and cholesterol which can be dangerous for ferrets.

Ferrets are obligate carnivores and usually eat a meat-based diet, and fish is not a regular part of their meal.

So, shrimp is safe for ferrets, but it shouldn’t be more than an occasional treat, like once or twice a week.

Do Ferrets Like Shrimp?


Ferrets love the taste of shrimp due to its high protein and fat content.

Ferrets are obligate carnivores, and seafood like shrimp can be an excellent choice for a special treat once in a while.

However, ferrets are quite picky with their foods, so some might eat them while others may refuse them.

Besides, it’s important to feed them a variety of food from the early stage; they quickly get attached to certain types of food, and it becomes tough to change their eating habit later on.

However, shrimp should be given as an occasional treat only; it can cause digestive problems if they have too much of it.

Can Ferrets Eat Raw Shrimp?

Yes, raw shrimp is safe for ferrets to eat.

In fact, they should only eat raw meat due to their excellent digestive system.

Ferrets are one of the animals that can easily process and digest raw meat. This is because they have been eating raw meat in the wild for ages, so their digestive system is designed that way.

But don’t forget to clean the shrimp thoroughly, chop them into small sizes, and remove anything that could hurt your ferret, and the remains can be served to your pet.

However, the shrimp you bought must be fresh and organic.

Avoid feeding canned or commercial shrimps as most of them are high in fungicides, antibiotics, and other harmful chemicals.

Can Cats Eat Cooked Shrimp?

Yes, they can, but it’s NOT RECOMMENDED.

This is because ferrets are obligate carnivores, meaning they must eat raw meat.

Can Cats Eat Cooked Shrimp

In the wild, when they hunt down their prey, they eat almost everything raw, including meat, bones, and organs.

And cooking process usually destroys most of its valuable nutrients like taurine, they do retain some nutrients, but that’s not enough to fulfill the ferret’s requirement.

So, ferrets must eat raw meat to fulfill their nutritional requirement.

Also, cooked shrimp can cause digestive issues. 

The reason is that ferrets have been eating raw meat for ages, so their digestive system is habituated to processing raw meat only.

However, ferrets can have a bit or two of cooked shrimp without added spices or seasonings but not more than that.

Can Baby Ferrets Eat Shrimp?

Baby ferrets can have shrimp, but it’s not recommended.

This is because baby ferrets are still growing, and their digestive system is more sensitive at this stage.

So, giving something they don’t usually eat can cause digestive distress and other health problems.

Raw meat, bones, and whole prey would be more suitable for young ferrets. They are high in protein, fat and low in carbs which is the best choice for young ferrets; however, you can consult your vet for more food recommendations.

How to Prepare Shrimp for Ferrets

It’s not rocket science!

However, there are some precautions that you should take.

  • First of all, the shrimp you have bought must be good quality, fresh, and not canned or stored one.
  • Simply, clean the shrimp thoroughly with fresh water and remove the digestive tract and other hard parts of the shrimp’s shell.
  • Only soft parts should be given to ferrets.
  • Also, if you see any dark spots on shrimp, do not feed those to your ferrets; these could be harmful bacteria.
  • It’s best to serve them raw shrimp.

However, ferrets can have cooked shrimp as well.

Just make sure you avoid cooking it in oil or butter. Simply boil it with water, do not add salt, sauces, or any seasoning.

Ferrets cannot digest system is not meant to digest them, and it can cause digestive distress.

How Much Shrimp Is Too Much?

1-2 bites depending on the size.

For example, a small shrimp weighing about 2-3 pounds should be fine for an occasional treat but not more than that.

Ferrets need a high-quality animal-based protein diet that includes chicken, rabbits, lambs, turkey, and fish is not something they usually eat. 

So, don’t give them more than two shrimp per week. 

Too much shrimp can be harmful to your ferrets. 

It’s best to serve them a balanced diet consisting of meat, organs, and bones.

How Often Can Ferret Eat Shrimp?

Ferrets can have shrimp 1-2 times a week.

This is because fish is not a regular part of a ferret’s diet; it should be given as an occasional treat and shouldn’t replace their traditional meal.

Shrimps can be a great addition to their existing diet addition due to their high protein content.

But it should be given in small quantities because too much shrimp can cause upset stomach and diarrhea or lead to weight gain, eventually making your pet sick.

What Other Fishes Can Ferrets Eat?

Apart from shrimp, there are some more fishes that can be given to your ferrets.

For example, tuna, salmon, and sardines are safe for an occasional treat, but you should avoid fatty fish like oysters and eel.

Keep in mind that fish is not a regular part of a ferret’s diet, so they will still need high-quality meat in their diet to fulfill their nutritional requirement.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, shrimps can be given to ferrets in moderation. 

Shrimp is a good source of protein, vitamins, and minerals.

But it should be given a few times a week like any treat that’s too with their regular diet.

Shrimp shouldn’t replace their regular meal in any circumstances. Too much given can lead to several health issues like upset stomach, diarrhea, and even leads to obesity.

So, shrimp can be given as an occasional treat due to their high protein content, but a meat-based diet should be their priority.

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