Do Cockatiels Like Music? (Explained)

Do Cockatiels Like Music

Cockatiel loves music similar to their natural environment, like the chirping of birds, whistling, the sound of water. Some birds may also like light pop or melodious classical songs.

However, they don’t like loud, noisy music; so, you should choose a song with melodic chords and music.

Not only that, they have likes and dislikes for a specific type of music.

If you have a tiel in the house, you must have seen your bird bob their head or express happiness, fear, or anger to a certain type of music.

In this article, we will go through every aspect and find out whether cockatiels like music or not and what type of music they like the most.

Do Cockatiels Like Music?

Yes, cockatiels do like music, and sometimes they even dance on them. They like the music as it gives them a sense of pleasure and relaxation similar to us.

But why do they like it?

Well, cockatiels have a unique protein called alpha-synuclein in their body responsible for releasing dopamine hormone.

So whenever cockatiel hears sweet or melodious music, the alpha-protein does its job and releases dopamine which instantly makes them feel happy and relaxed.

What Kind of Music Do Birds Like?

There is no denying that cockatiels like music, but you might not know that cockatiels are actually very picky when it comes to music.

Every bird is different, so their taste in music would differ for individuals. For example, cockatiel living in the wild may enjoy the sound of chirping, cricket, breeze blowing, the sound of water, and other natural things.

What Kind of Music Do Birds Like

But cockatiel living in the house as a pet would prefer to fine-tune melodious classic music. The smooth quality of classical music may be pleasing to the ears of cockatiel, and that’s why they enjoy it.

Moreover, some cockatiels have different music tastes; they enjoy pop music more than soothing music. It seems like pop music, and their beats proved better as cockatiels have been seen responding more actively to it.

However, don’t play loud and noisy music as they don’t like it and might scream if they don’t enjoy the music you are playing.

Usually, birds enjoy been playing, and they have been listening during their growing years.

But you can keep experimenting with other genres of music like rap, hip-hop, or country music and find out what interests your feathered friend the most and make a playlist of it.

How Cockatiel React To Songs?

Well, it depends.

Cockatiels are highly expressive, and their reaction depends on individual personality. Also, it depends on the type of music is being played.

For example, cockatiel hearing pleasant music would bob their head and mimic the song.

On the other hand, loud and rock music could irritate them, and they might react by screaming or howling.

Your cockatiel may react in the following ways:

Your Cockatiel Might Scream

If a loud and noisy sound is playing, your cockatiel might get annoyed and scream.

This clearly indicates that your tiel isn’t enjoying the music at all and screaming out of fear, anger, or boredom.

In this case, you should try changing the music, and if they stopped screaming, it means that music isn’t pleasing to your cockatiel.

Mimicking The Song

If you have played some music familiar to their natural sound, your cockatiel might enjoy listening to the music and even mimic it.

This shows that the music you have played is highly likable to the tiel, and they are actually enjoying it.

You might see your cockatiel nodding their head, and it seems like they are dancing.

Your Cockatiel Might Howl

Similar to a dog, wolf, and other animals. Cockatiel often howls to express their anger and distress for something.

If your tiel is howling whenever you are playing a certain type of music, it indicates that they don’t like the music, and you should immediately stop it.

Your Cockatiel Might Respond By Hissing

Like howling, a tiel could hiss if they don’t like something or get irritated by it. So if you see your bird is hissing when you play the song or just after it.

It would be best if you took it as a negative response and shouldn’t continue playing the music.

Is Music Beneficial For Cockatiels?

Once you figure out the type of music your bird likes, it can positively influence your bird, depending on its individual personality.

Is Music Beneficial For Cockatiels

Playing music can keep your cockatiel busy whenever if you do not have enough time to play or spend with them. It will reduce the attention-demanding behavior of your bird, and they will not get bored quickly.

Music can instantly uplift your cockatiels mood, make them happy, and talk active. So, if your cockatiel is depressed or not in a good mood, you can play their favorite music, and it will cheer them up immediately.

Listing music can actually be helpful if you want to teach your bird how to sing. Cockatiel will learn how to sing through the listing and mimic songs. Expose them more often to music so that they can quickly learn the vocals and groove along.

Lastly, listing to their favorite music can establish a connection between you and your feathered friend. It will give them a sense of friendliness, and they will feel safe around you.

Do Cockatiels Like Rock Music?

Not really!

Cockatiels are smart enough to identify music, and they have a distinguished taste in music. They certainly prefer music that is similar to their natural surroundings.

For example, chirping, whistling, classical music, and light pop music would be their most favorite.

However, cockatiels have an intense dislike for any other loud dance music.

Do Cockatiels Dance To Music?

Do Cockatiels Dance To Music

We have different responses to music, and the same goes for birds.

It might sound weird, but cockatiels love listening to music, whether it’s a melodious song, chords, chords, or natural whistling.

Your tiel will likely mimic the music and start nodding their head and dancing when the music lifts their mood.

Can Cockatiels Sing?

Yes, cockatiels have the ability to mimic and sing songs, but they must be appropriately trained.

Not all tiel are natural singers, but with proper training, they can learn how to whistle, mimic, and sing a song.

However, males and females have different vocals. At the same time, male cockatiel has a natural tendency to whistle, making them great singers and vocalists if appropriately trained.

Usually, what I do is I just play the song in repetition mode for a few days (of course not the whole day) and whistle and hum with the song, and if your bird likes it, they will start casual whistling and humming with you after some time.

Final Thoughts

There is no denying that cockatiels do like music, but what type of music they will enjoy is entirely depends on their individual personality.

They have their own preference of music, but they usually prefer music similar to natural sounds like a quack, calm pop, chirping, and classical music.

However, they definitely don’t appreciate loud and electronic music, and if you play them, your bird may scream out of fear and anger.

So, if you have a tiel, play some harmonious chords and watch their reaction; if they are nodding their head and dancing, it means your tiel is enjoying the music.


How Do You Entertain A Cockatiel?

Parrots have many ways to entertain themselves in the wild, but it’s not the same case when they are in a cage.

One of the ways to prevent their boredom is turning on the TV because birds are naturally interested in different types of sounds and noises.

So leaving the TV or radio would help them keep happy and comfortable.

How Do You Know If A Bird Likes Music?

Birds are highly expressive, and you will know by observing their body language. If a bird likes the music you are playing, it will bob their head, which looks like they are dancing, whistling, talking, or mimicking the song. It means your bird likes the type of music you have been playing.

However, if your bird is screaming, howling, or expressing angriness, you should immediately turn off the music as it could be an indication that they don’t like it.

Should I Leave Music On For My Birds?

Well, it depends!

Every bird is different, and they have different music choices, but most of them like sounds and noises similar to their natural environment, like the chirping of birds, the sound of water, etc.

Birds do need stimulation. So whenever you are around your bird, turn on the TV and play a different type of music. And if your bird likes it, he will bob their head, mimic the song, or calmly listen to it, which is a good sign.

Usually, I would go for a nature channel, observe what kind of music your bird likes, and make a playlist.

And whenever your bird is in a bad mood, turn on their favorite music; it will instantly cheer them up.

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