Can Ferrets Eat Eggs? [Benefits, Risks, & More]

Can Ferrets Eat Eggs

Ferrets can have eggs. In fact, eggs are a highly nutritious and healthy treat for ferrets. Eggs are a rich source of protein, fats, vitamins and other essential nutrients.

In the wild, ferrets eat a variety of eggs so they can be fed to your ferrets. Eggs have plenty of health benefits as well.

However, ferrets should be fed eggs in moderation. Too much egg can cause constipation and other gastrointestinal problems.

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Can Ferrets Eat Eggs?

Yes, ferrets can have eggs. In fact, eggs are the most suitable treat for them.

Being carnivores, ferrets need a diet high in protein and low in fat and carbohydrates.

Eggs are the perfect mix of protein, fat and amino acids, making a great treat for ferrets.

However, eggs lack carbohydrates and other nutrients essential for a healthy ferret.

So, eggs can be fed to ferrets as they are high in protein, fats, and amino acids; however, they still need raw meat, bones, and other secreting organs to fulfill their nutritional requirements.

Are Raw Eggs Safe For Ferrets?


Ferrets can safely eat raw eggs. 

They are obligate carnivores, meaning they are supposed to eat a meat-based diet.

In the wild, ferrets usually hunt down and eat their prey raw.

This means their digestive system is capable of processing raw food efficiently.

In fact, raw eggs are healthier compared to cooked ones as they retain most of their nutrients which are usually lost during the cooking process.

Therefore, raw eggs are entirely safe for ferrets, but they should be in moderation; they can cause indigestion issues.

Can Ferrets Eat Raw Eggs?

Ferrets can eat raw eggs that too with pleasure.

Ferrets are obligate carnivores and rely on animal meat for survival.

In the wild, ferrets hunt and eat their prey which means their body is designed and adapted to eat raw meat.

In fact, researchers explain that raw foods are best for ferrets, so avoid cooked meat.

Therefore, you can feed raw eggs to your ferrets without any issue.

Here’s a video of ferrets eating raw eggs with pleasure

How Many Eggs Can Ferrets Eat?

1-2 eggs a week should be fine.

Eggs are great for ferrets, but in moderation.

Ferrets need a diet high in protein and low in fat and carbs.

Eggs do contain a high-quality protein, fat and other essential minerals but no carbohydrates so; they cannot fulfill the nutrients your ferret needs for a healthy life.

In addition, feeding too much egg can affect the digestive tract, resulting in constipation and other ingestion issues.

Therefore, eggs can be a great addition to their treat but not more than twice a week.

Can Ferrets Get Salmonella?

Ferrets are invulnerable to salmonella.

Raw eggs are not safe for humans and a few other pets because of the risk of bacteria and parasites such as salmonella.

But this is not the case with ferrets.

Ferrets are wild-caught animals, and their digestive system can handle bacteria like salmonella.

They have a short digestive tract and a highly acidic gastric PH level, which can easily surpass salmonella.

This means raw eggs are entirely safe for ferrets and something that’s actually recommended.

While ferrets are safe from salmonella, owners still need to take precautions seriously while handling food that might have chances of getting infected with salmonella and other parasites.

Can Ferret Kits Have Eggs?

Yes, ferret kids can eat eggs depending on their age. 

However, newborn kits should only have their mother’s milk for about 3 – 4 weeks or until they start eating solid foods.

Baby ferrets still have a digestive system that is not fully developed, so it’s advised to feed eggs in a minimal quantity.

They need a combination of fresh meat, water and other animal products that are high in protein.

So, eggs are perfect for them.

However, do not boil or scramble eggs for kits as it might cause digestion issues.

Lastly, it’s important to feed them a different variety of foods from the very beginning because they tend to bond with their eating habit, which is quite difficult to change later on.

Can Ferrets Eat Boiled Eggs?

Yes, ferrets can eat boiled eggs. In fact, boiled eggs are the second-best way of feeding eggs to your ferrets.

Ferret owners often prefer feeding cooked eggs than raw because they believe raw eggs are not safe for their pets, but this is not true.

Can Ferrets Eat Boiled Eggs

Ferrets have a short digestive tract with highly acidic gastric PH, which can easily digest raw food, including eggs.

Boiling changes the physical and nutritional properties of the egg, and it may lose some of the vital nutrients.

Therefore, it would be best to feed raw eggs, but boiled eggs can also be fed to ferrets as a substitute treat.

Can Ferrets Eat Egg Shells?

Ferrets can eat egg shells, but they must be powdered.

Raw egg shells are not safe for ferrets for various reasons.

Firstly, the egg shell pieces are hard and have sharp edges that can cut your ferret’s gastro-intestinal tract (GI tract).

And if the piece goes into the esophagus, it can potentially choke your pet.

However, powdered egg shells are edible, highly nutritious, and enriched with vitamins and minerals, especially calcium.

It is a vital mineral for new bone formation and strengthening weak bones.

Can Ferrets Eat Scrambled Eggs?

Ferrets love eggs, and raw eggs are the best way to feed them.

However, ferrets can eat scrambled eggs as well. Scrambled and boiled eggs are the easiest way to add variety to their diet. 

However, the scrambled egg we prepare is not safe for ferrets. 

Tips to prepare scrambled eggs for your ferrets:

  • Take two eggs, remove the whites and beat them in a bowl
  • Take a pan, pour the beaten egg and cook on low heat.
  • Do not add oil, salt, butter, and other ingredients.
  • Take out the scrambled egg, let it cool and then serve it to your ferrets.

You can feed scrambled eggs along with other meat items or just as a treat once or twice.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, ferrets can eat eggs.

They are safe, but they should be given as a treat more like twice a week or so; otherwise, they can harm your pet.

Ferrets usually eat a diet high in protein and fat and low in carbohydrates.

Eggs are rich in protein and fat but no carbohydrates, so they can be an ideal snack for ferrets, but they still need meat to fulfill their nutritional requirement.

Ferrets can have scrambled boiled or raw eggs, so eggs are healthy for your pet either way.

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