Can Hamsters Climb Stairs? [Ladders, Cages, & Vertical Pipes]

Can Hamsters Climb Stairs

Yes, hamsters can climb stairs. In fact, they can climb almost anything they get a grip on, whether it’s stairs, walls, ladders, cages, or vertical tubes.

Hamsters are great at climbing, though not nearly good as other rodents like squirrels, mice, or rats.

Their incredibly designed claws help them to grip on objects, and lean bodies help them jump up the stairs.

Hamsters are agile, incredibly fast, and determined creatures and can almost climb everything they get a grip on.

Depending on their breed, hamsters can climb from 15 to 25 inches. 

So, let’s see if they can climb tubes, stairs, or their cage.

Can Hamsters Climb Stairs?

Yes, hamsters can climb stairs. Despite their small size, they are very agile and strong-minded.

Their lean body structure and designed claws help them to grip on the objects and help them climb up and down.

If your stairs are carpeted, it will be much easier for them to climb as their claws can sink into the carpet, and their ability to jump will help them climb even it’s an incline stair.

In fact, there are a lot of YouTube videos showcasing hamsters climbing stairs with ease.

So, yes, hamsters can climb stairs.

Are Hamsters Good At Climbing?


Hamsters are great climbers without a doubt but not the best one compared to other rodents such as squirrels and rats.

In fact, climbing is a natural behavior of hamsters, and they often climb on things to explore and watch their surroundings  

Why My Hamster Is Climbing The Cage?

Usually, hamsters climb their cage out of curiosity, boredom, or looking for your attention.

New hamsters recently bought into the family often tend to climb their cage as it takes some time to adjust to the new environment. In this case, you should take care of your little one.

Why My Hamster Is Climbing The Cage

However, if your hamster is climbing the cage often, it means something is bothering them. It could be a small cage, light bulb, insufficient food, or even biting behavior.

So, if you see your little pet climbing their cage frequently, you should pay close attention and identify what exactly is bothering them and try to resolve the issue.

Can Hamsters Climb Carpet Stairs?

Despite their small size, hamsters are so agile and capable of climbing stairs, whether sleek, carpeted, or cushioned.

In fact, carpeted stairs make it easy for them to go down and up as they can easily sink their claws and make a firm grip.

So, yes, hamsters can climb carpet stairs.

Can A Hamster Go Down Stairs?

Yes, hamsters can go downstairs and climb back if they need to. They are small in size but extremely fast, and their tiny claws give them to grip to pull themselves up or down each step.

It would be hard to believe that such a small creature like a hamster could climb up or down such incline stairs, but hamsters are agile and very strong-minded.

They can go down and climb any stairs, whether carpeted or sleek, but carpeted stairs will allow them to sink their claws and have a better grip to lift themselves up or down.

Are Hamsters Afraid Of Heights?

Well, it depends.

Some hamsters might be afraid of height while others are not. It depends on several factors like their breed, environment, etc.

Usually, hamsters live in underground burrows and rarely climb on things. They prefer a flat surface area and avoid climbing too high as they don’t feel secure.

However, some hamsters are highly curious and love exploring their surroundings, and these hamsters may climb to some of the high surfaces out of curiosity.

What If My Hamster Falls Down The Stairs?

Hamsters are great climbers, but there are still chances that your hamster might fall down from the stair if there is no carpet or something like that to grip on.

A sudden fall from a certain height could shock your hamster, and there is a chance that it will sustain a physical injury or internal fracture.

In this case, you should handle them with utmost care and avoid touching them often unless it’s an emergency. 

If your hamster isn’t moving after falling down, you should immediately take them to a vet.

An injured hamster wouldn’t move, and they will let you know with a sound if they are in pain.

If you suspect your pet has internal injuries, take them to an expert vet as soon as possible, and your vet will examine them even if there are no physical injuries.

Where Do Hamsters Hide If They Escape?

Hamsters are speedy creatures, and if you let them roam around, there are chances that they will hide.

And since they are pretty small in size most of the time, it’s pretty difficult for the owners to find out their hamsters.

Where Do Hamsters Hide If They Escape

In fact, there are cases when owners have lost their little pets. 

So, if your hamster is missing or hiding, you should check out some of the most commence places in the home where a hamster might take shelter.

  • The first place where they might be hiding is in the small holes of the walls and furniture.
  • Make sure you check under and behind the furniture, cushions, and side of the couch, and be careful whenever you sit, they might be hiding on the corner of the couch.
  • Be sure to check open drawers, cardboard, and tissue boxes. These are the main area where your hamster might be resting.
  • You must not forget that hamsters are nocturnal. So, look in the dark and warm places that might be the best place for your little ones to snuggle down.

Can Hamster Climb Wall?

Well, it depends.

No doubt, hamsters are great at climbing things but probably not the best ones. 

Hamsters sink their claw on the object, make a solid grip, and hoist themselves up, but a concrete wall has nothing to grip on. 

So, they won’t probably be able to climb a solid wall with no grip.

Hamsters do not have paws that can grasp and cling like other rodents. Some rodents such as rats and mice can climb almost everything from brick walls, stone walls, or even vertical walls if the surface is rough enough.

Thus, hamsters can only climb the wall of their cage as they are runged and easy to grip on.

Can Hamsters Climb Ladders?

Hamsters are agile and incredibly fast creatures. They can jump from 15 to 25 inches and can climb almost everything, including small ladders.

However, some breeds of hamsters, like dwarf hamsters, may struggle to climb vertical ladders.

But that doesn’t mean they cannot climb ladders at all; you just have to adjust the ladder and make sure that it’s not steep and the ladder’s angle is less than 45º.

That’s why it’s not a wise idea to place their food at a high end of the cage since they could be seriously injured if they fall while trying to get their food.

Can Hamsters Climb Vertical Tubes?

Yes, hamsters can climb tubes if it’s not very steep, and the angle of the vertical tube shouldn’t be more than 20-40 degrees, as more than that could be a problem for your little ones.

However, dwarf hamsters have fluffy feet than other species, so it’s nearly impossible for them to have a firm grip on plastic tubes.

Chinese hamsters are known to be the best climbers out of another dwarf breed; they can even manage to climb plastic tubes.

Do Hamsters Like Climbing?

Hamsters are curious and excellent at climbing, and they enjoy climbing things. They generally climb flat surfaces to explore their surroundings.

It’s a sign that they are confident and happy in their environment and express the joy and playing around them.

Climbing is a good thing and should be encouraged proactively by their owners. 

You could place tiny ladders, wheels, cardboard boxes, interactive games, and toys in their cage; it will satisfy their curiosity and keep them mentally stimulated.

However, ensure that your little hamster is climbing safely and keep an eye while they are climbing stairs, pipes, or something slippery like that; otherwise, they could injure themselves.

Final Thoughts

To conclude this, hamsters are undoubtedly great at climbing but obviously not the best among other rodents like squirrels, rats, or mice.

Hamsters can climb almost anything they can get a grip on. 

They use their tiny claws to sink into the object and hoist themselves up or down.

Thus, if your hamster enjoys climbing, you should proactively encourage their natural curiosity by placing a ladder, cardboard box, or interactive toys to satisfy their curiosity.

Just ensure that they are climbing safely and there is nothing that could harm or cause injury to your little ones

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