Why Is My Beagle So Hyper? (Tips To Calm Down A Beagle)

Why Is My Beagle So Hyper?

Beagles are a highly intelligent, friendly and hyper dog breed; they like to trot, jump, long walks and run, which sometimes causes can be problematic for beagle owners, especially young ones.

Beagle owner find them super excited and hyper, which makes them worried, and they often look for a solution for calming their beagle, but why is my beagle so hyper?

Beagles are hyperactive because of their breed, but other factors contributing to this hyperactivity are age, boredom, anxiety, stress or lack of physical and mental stimulation. However, you can calm a beagle by providing them sufficient rest, relaxation and mental stimulation to release their excessive energy.

In this article, we will go in-depth on the topic and try to find what causes beagle’s hyperactivity and the best possible ways to calm your beagle.

Why Is My Beagle So Hyper?

It’s difficult for a new beagle owner to find out the exact reason behind the hyperactive behavior. Beagles are a hyper breed, but it’s not the only reason; their environment, training, age, physical and mental activities are equally responsible.

Thus, there are several factors that contribute to the hyperactive behavior of your beagle. Let’s have a look at them in detail:

Your Beagle Is Not Mature Enough

Beagles are hyper breed by nature, but a beagle’s age plays an important role in their hyperactive behavior. For example, beagle ages between 2 to 4 months are highly energetic, fascinated and curious about everything as they were still exploring the world. 

They will keep moving here and there and will be constantly engaged in one or two activity without being too focused but will gradually calm down with passing age.

The next stage is when your beagle reaches the age of 4 to 12 months. They are filled with energy and super hyper during this age. Thus it’s essential to release their pent up energy through proper exercising and playtime schedule. And this will continue till your beagle reaches the age of 24 months. They will be at the top of their energy at this age and may not get released with regular walking or expertise.

It would be best if you let your beagle exercise and play for about one hour every day in the session of 20 minutes with other cardio activities. 

Still, if your beagle isn’t calm down, try adding challenges to their exercise, so once they complete their playtime session, they will feel relaxed and calm within.

And once your beagle reaches the adult stage, they should stop behaving like a child as their mental development matches their physical growth. However, they will still need an established playtime routing and exercise regime to keep up their energy level.

Lack of Sufficient Physical And Mental Stimulation

Beagles often hyper due to a lack of physical and mental stimulation. Their daily routine should include plenty of challenging exercises and play to stimulate them physically and mentally.

Lack of Sufficient Physical And Mental Stimulation

Usually, a beagle needs about 20-30 minutes of brisk walk and other cardio exercises, which includes running, jogging, hiking and jumping to expel their excess energy. Else it may lead your beagle to more hyperactive behavior.

In addition, you must provide them with plenty of interactive and chewing toys to physically and mentally stimulate your beagle. The combination of physical and mental exercise will improve the overall health of your beagle and relax them within which eventually calm their hyper behavior.

Due To Boredom

Beagles are a hyperactive breed of dog which requires an estimated 30 to 40 min walk and other challenging activities; otherwise, they might get bored. 

But usually, people get a puppy and get busy with their daily schedule, which will cause boredom due to lack of activity. A bored beagle will be either super hyped or aggressive.

Thus, if you are getting a beagle, make sure you give them enough exercise or toys to keep your dog occupied throughout the day.


Beagles are already hyper breed, but some additional causes can contribute to the inexplicably hyped behavior. It’s rare but, one of the reasons for your hyped beagle could be hyperkinesis.

And you can easily identify it as hyperkinesis has some distinctive signs: aggression, lost attention, unusual barking, rapid breathing, and heart rate.

Thus, if your beagle is super hyper, you should carefully look for the above sign. If these behaviors are seen in your dog, then I highly recommend you to visit your vet so he can diagnose and treat your beagle with this special condition.

Usually, your vet will run a test to confirm whether your beagle has this rare condition or not and then start the treatment accordingly.

Your Beagle May be Anxious or Stressed

Dogs breed like beagle has limitless energy during the early stage. If you try to control or restricted them from releasing their energy through exercise, they get frustrated and may develop stress and anxiety issues.

Anxiety can lead your dog to feel insecure or threatened, which can cause hyperactivity or other destructive behavior. Thus, it’s very important to positively release your dogs’ energy so they can gain confidence and be familiar with their environment.

Will My Beagle Ever Calm Down?

Yes, of course.

Beagles will calm down with their passing age. Their hyperactivity solely depends on their age and the environment they have been provided. 

For example, the youngest beagle will have more energy than the old one, which means puppies are generally super hyper. But if you can provide them with good interactive play during the daytime (usually one hour), their excess energy will likely release in a healthy way rather than being hyper all the time.

However, once the puppy reaches a certain age, like one or two years, they will likely calm down a lot. However, exceptions are always there, some beagle might stay hyper even after reaching their adulthood, but it may not with the same energy as before.

How To Calm Down A Hyper Beagle?

Beagles are classified as the most hyper dogs, and they like to run, jump, and they like to do other exciting activities, but at the same time, they are stubborn as well, which makes it tougher for owners to calm their hyper active beagle during their childhood.

The most common reason why most owners failed to calm down their beagle because they don’t exactly understand the factor contributing to their super hyped behavior.

How To Calm Down A Hyper Beagle

You first need to understand the exact reason and then direct the beagle’s natural energy in a healthy direction. For example, you can provide plenty of exercises and playing, mental stimulation, teach them commands or even try neutralizing.

Provide Plenty Of Playtime and Exercise

Beagles are hyper-energetic, requiring more exercise and playtime to discharge their energy in a constructive direction; else, they might get over-hyper, stressed or anxious. 

It should include going for a long walk, jumping, running, jogging or chasing an object. It will relax them from the inside, which will eventually reduce their hyper behavior.

Taking him to a dog park or walk around the neighborhood is ideal for them as it will allow them to engage and play with other dogs. Social interaction with other dogs of his age and size will highly satisfy your beagle and calm their hyper behavior.

Teach Them Basic Commands

Beagle is the most intelligent breed of dogs, but still, it’s important to teach them basic commands such as “sit down”, “no”, “stay”, “follow me”, and “stop”. 

These commands should be taught to the young puppies while still exploring the world and are highly energetic and usually hyper, but they can be quickly learned with rewards.

While a little beagle may be a little tough but with good effort, proper reinforcement, and experiment, you can understand how your beagle responds to things. And then you can start teaching them some basic commands with proper reinforcement rather than punishing them.

Provide Mental Stimulation

Mental stimulation is crucial for a beagle. They are highly energetic and hyper, which means they require exercise that actively engages their mind.

But indoor beagles often get bored mentally, which eventually affects their physical activity as well. As a result, they will feel tired, gripe or sleep or look anxious.

There are various toys in the market which can help your beagle; however, not all beagle enjoy the same toy, so it’s very important to figure out which toy best stimulate your beagle.

Usually, interactive toys, puzzle toys, hide and seek toys are the most famous. However, I recommend you consider buying an interactive toy that makes them think and trigger their intelligence to provide them with maximum fun. 

Include Challenges To Their Exercise

For hyper beagles, walking and other regular exercises won’t be sufficient. With their growth, it’s important to add more challenges in their daily exercise to keep them learning their abilities and make them feel relax inside them.

You can also create a personal training and playing ground with various obstacles, including jump panel, hoops and tunnels, of course, if you have sufficient space in the backyard.

This will allow him to run freely, which is not possible in a closed house, and the obstacles you have set will bind him to run over them. In addition, you can use treats to tempt your beagle; it will improve the play performance, and after this, he will be highly relaxed and as his energy is released during the playing session.

Seek Professional Help

If the above solutions fail to calm down your beagle, it’s time to consult with a professional dog trainer or behaviorist. They are highly skilled in their field and will remove all bad behaviors from your beagle, whether it’s over-hyped, unnecessary barking and biting. 

Trainers will find out why your beagle isn’t listening to you and the actual reason for being hyper. In addition, they will also train and teach you how to control your beagle and calm them when they are hyper. Proper training is crucial to have an obedient and happy beagle. 

Do Beagles Calm Down After Neutering?

Well, it depends!

Generally, most beagles will calm down after being neutered, but it depends on when they get neutered and other activities that contribute to the hyper behavior.

Neutering may reduce the urge to mating, which will eventually reduce aggression in your beagle. It also removes the possibility of unwanted pregnancy and keeps your dog safe from health risks.

Are Beagle Puppies Hyper?

It’s obvious for beagle puppies to be hyper; they have limitless energy, which makes them exceptionally hyper, especially during the age of 2 to 4 months. 

Are Beagle Puppies Hyper

Young puppies are still exploring the world, so they are always in a rush and engaged in things, but they tend to lose focus, and their curiosity encourages them to move from one to another due to a short attention span.

Thus, it’s important to direct the beagle’s energy positively and provide them with an interesting training schedule to calm down their hyperactive behavior.

Final Thoughts

Beagles are smart, friendly and highly adorable and owning one can be great fun for the family. But they are hyper dog breed and definitely need much more attention, care, and playtime than others. 

So, it’s important to provide them sufficient attention, exercise, and toys that engage your dog’s mental and physical aspect.

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