Why Does My Dog Bite My Nose? (Is Nibbling Dangerous?)

Why Does My Dog Bite My Nose

Why does my dog bite my nose?

Usually, dogs bite the nose for several reasons; it could be to get your attention, initiate a play, anxiety, stress, curiosity, or teething in little puppies. However, this cute behavior is harmless unless they go out of control.

Moreover, it might seem cute when a puppy bites or nibbles on you, but it won’t when a fully grown-up dog will do. In fact, it could be dangerous as dogs can’t differentiate between tough and gentle love bites.

Now let’s dive into the topic, find out why dogs exactly bite you, and what it means. 

In addition, I have shared tips on how you can prevent it.

Why Does My Dog Bite My Nose?

Biting and nibbling the nose is considered normal for dogs and puppies, and there are several reasons why they do it.

Usually, a dog bites your nose when they are in the mood of playing; they want your attention, curiosity, stress, or teething, especially in puppies.

Dogs nibbling and biting might annoy you, but is it a normal behavior? Why they do it? Should I be worried? Let’s find out. 

Biting Nose Could Be A Playful Gesture

Dogs often nibble or bite each other with their teeth; this indicates an initiative to the play. 

They had learned it from their mother when while they were growing. Dogs often bite and nibble their owners to show excitement and playful gesture.

Therefore, if your dog is biting or nibbling you gently on the nose, feet, or hands, spare some time for your little pup and play with them.

Your Dog Bites Your Nose Because Of Teething

Like human babies, young puppies will likely bite and nibble on nearly everything to relieve their mild pain and biting urge during the teething stage.

Teething in puppies is extremely uncontrollable, making them chew whatever is next to them, like a table, sofa, toys, or even your nose if you allow them to reach. 

But don’t worry, this is completely normal and harmless unless it goes out of control, and it will go itself once their teeth are fully grown. 

So, if you notice that your puppy is biting and nibbling almost everything, do not encourage them to bite your nose by cuddling them and let them get too close to your face; it could lead to injuries for both of you.

And if the situation is getting out of control, do get an appointment with a professional vet and get your pup checkup and follow your vet’s advice to keep your little puppy healthy and yourself safe. 

Your Dog Bites Your Nose To Grab Attention

Dogs have various ways to seek out attention from their owners; biting and nibbling your nose is one of them. 

Whenever you are busy with your daily schedule, you might have noticed your dog comes closer to you and tries to lick or bite your nose; they likely to do it when you aren’t giving them enough time or attention they need.

Your Dog Bites Your Nose To Grab Attention

Or they are just getting bored and want to play with you, dogs are a social animal, and they require as much attention as we do.

Besides, other behaviors such as getting under your feet, nudging, excessive begging, barking, bringing you toys are also a sign of attention-seeking behavior.

Thus, if you notice this, I recommend you to give your dog the attention they require; if possible, spare some and take him to a walk or just play around with your little dog.

Your Dog Bites Your Nose Because Of Stress Or Anxiety

Stress or anxiety could possibly be a reason why your dogs bite or nibble on things, including your nose. You and I have various responses to stress like losing appetite, jiggle with fingers, orbiting teeth to relieve the stress. 

Likewise, when dogs get stressed, they nibble on things like a table leg, sofa, your favorite jeans, your hands, or even your nose. 

While stressed, dogs likely to spend more time with you to comfort their stress, and if you let them reach out to your nose, they possibly bite it.

Therefore, if you found out that your dog is stressed or anxious, be around them to comfort them but avoid cuddling as it could lead to injuries. And if the situation isn’t going normal within few days, do call your vet and get your dog examined.

Your Dog Bites Your Nose Out Of Curiosity

Dogs communicate to the world with their senses, we usually rely on the eyes for and voice the communication, but that’s not the case with dogs. Apart from visual, dogs mostly rely on their smelling and touching sense, so whenever your dog gets excited or curious about things. 

They go near and smell it and gradually approach to touch it; as you know, they mostly feel things with their face, which means if your dog is biting your nose, it could be out of curiosity.

In this case, avoid doing or bringing things that over-excite or make your dog curious; instead, give them something to chew on to calm the biting urge.

Why Does My Dog Gently Bite Me?

According to WagWalking, dogs have no voice like us, and they communicate with their touch, mostly with the mouth. So, dogs gently bite and nibble their owners when they want attention, or they might be interested in your skin taste.

In addition, it could a sign of affection, but the problem is, they can’t differentiate between a hard and gentle bite which ends up hurting their owners or other dogs while playing.

As per the guidelines of AWMA, you should avoid intense wrestling, petting, or encouraging the love bite behavior as it could lead to injuries.

What Do You Do If Your Dog Bites Your Nose

There are plenty of things you can do if your dog bites your nose. The best option is to teach them at a young age that biting and nibbling is bad behavior and corrects them.

Biting and nibbling are a sign of bonding and affection. Usually, they are harmless, but sometimes it becomes a dangerous habit as they grow more extensive, and it’s necessary to stop them.

Train Your Dog

Training is crucial to avoid such behaviors in pets; it could be dogs, cats, or others. Initially, hire a dog trainer or animal behaviorist to train your puppy at a very young age. 

Train Your Dog

Dog trainers are professional experts and know all the tips and tricks to train dogs, and they will correctly use the reinforcement technique to teach and train your dog all the right behaviors.

Provide Toy And Bones To Chew

Toys can be a great way to alternate their biting behavior. If your dog often bites your ankle, feet, or nose, make sure he has enough toys and bones to chew on. Whenever your puppy ambushes you, move back and give him their favorite toy and once he grabbed it, let him play with it.

Make sure your dog has a bunch of new and exciting toys and other things to chew on so your dog will play with them instead of biting your body, especially your nose.

Appreciate And Reward Good Behavior

Food is essential for everyone, and the same goes for dogs. But, instead of treating them with their favorite snack every time they want, you can use this wisely to teach them good behaviors.

Whenever your dog bites or nibble on you, walk away and leave them alone without giving them their treat (but make sure they aren’t hungry); this is just to make them realize that if they bite, they will lose your attention and their treat.

And once they learn that biting and nibbling is not tolerable, they will stop doing it, and now you can reward them with their favorite snack or cookies.

Play With Your Dog

Usually, dogs nibble and bite when they are too excited and want to play. Interactive play is an essential part of a dog’s life, but usually, indoor dogs hardly interact with other dogs or animals. 

And due to this boredom, they bite and nibble their owners and asking them to play. So, in this case, it’s important to understand their behavior and play with them for some time and talk him to walk or let them play with other dogs but with your supervision.

Or you can buy an interactive toy; there are various interactive toys available in the market which will engage your dog throughout the day.

How To Prevent Your Dog From Biting And Nibbling?

Nibbling and biting is normal and cute behavior, but sometimes your dog might bite you hard, which can be problematic, and the worst part is that they don’t even realize it.

Whatever the reason is, nibbling and biting is bad and sometimes could lead to injuries; you must correct this behavior and train your dogs not to do it again before it becomes their habit. 

Act Like You Are Yelling (but don’t yell)

Whether your dog is nibbling on your legs, hands, or nose, you must immediately stop them. 

And to do so, make a firm voice and shout like you are yelling at your dog and then leave your dog alone for few seconds and then return to him and continue doing whatever you were doing and if he does it again, repeat the step.

Redirect Their Focus

Redirecting their focus to something else could be a solution to avoid getting bitten at the nose. 

Let your dog play with other friendly animals; it would be your neighbor’s dog or some other animal. It will release a lot of aggression and energy and provide them relief which will eventually have less chance to play with your nose.

Don’t Encourage This Behavior

You may not be aware, but somehow you have encouraged this behavior. For example, when they were a puppy and used to nibble and bite you around, you felt loved and give them a treat of their favorite food or cookies.

Usually, nibbling and biting are harmless, but sometimes it turns nasty when you don’t stop them, and the problem is that your dogs don’t really know that these little bites are hurting you unless you behave like one.

Instead, reward your dogs when they behave appropriately and stop them when they misbehave; it could be barking, biting, or shouting unnecessarily. It is a way of training and telling your dog that what is acceptable and what is not.

Teach Your Dog To Be Gentle

Yes, dogs can be taught to be gentle.

You don’t have to be an expert trainer to teach this to your pups. Usually, puppies bite more often as they were teething or exploring the world, and if you start guiding them from early days, they will learn it more efficiently.

Whenever your pup bites you, act like you are hurt, move immediately from the room, and return after some time. This will indicate to them that whenever they bite, they lose your attention.

And once your pup has learned the good behavior of not biting, you can reward them with their favorite cookie or dog food.

Seek Professional Help

If none of the above works to stop your dog from biting or nibbling, you should look for the professional help from an expert trainer. Meanwhile, avoid slapping and hitting your dog for mouthful behavior, it can cause real aggression, and they might bite you even harder. 

They are highly skilled in training dogs, especially to control their aggression towards people. And you will also get to know the exact reason behind this aggressive behavior, and they will also give you tips for handling this type of situation.

Final Thoughts

Usually, nibbling and biting are harmless, but it could be problematic when it goes out of control. As I described, there are many reasons behind nibbling and biting your nose. 

Whether it is a sign of playful gesture, aggression, stress, or teething, you can quickly identify the reason and react accordingly.

But if your puppies often try to bite you, stop them immediately; otherwise, they might think it’s normal, and it will become their habit. So it’s essential to take care of your little pup in their teething stage but ensure they don’t harm you or themselves either.

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